USA Mainstream Propaganda on Crime

This essay is a work in progress. Data is still being collected and the essay will be updated with reference material.

Black gangs target Asians; no national news coverage.

ABC news finally report this nationally after Asian celebrities beg for awareness.

Here are the incidents I have tracked. If you have more incidents, please send to me to include in this live document. Thanks.

Teens gang rape an Asian woman; no national news coverage.

When a white person kills an Asian person, she gets a light sentence but the incident will be covered nationally and her photo included in the news.

New York mayor denies hate crime problem against Asians. The victim is Filipino. The perpetrator is black but the race description is washed from the headline. This incident is not reported nationally only reported locally.

Not on CNN/ABC. Only on Fox News. The criminal is black. His race is washed from the title.

Politicians refuse to call this a hate crime and mainstream news media refuse to report this story nationally. Only on local news.

Photos of alleged criminals shown only on local non-syndicated news. This is not reported as a hate crime even though these criminals target Asian

Black man targets Asian business and murders an Asian man, but politicians refuse to call this a hate crime, and main stream media will not report on this story nationally. Only found on local news source.

A black man assaults 2 Asian women in their 70s and has a history of assaulting only Asians int he past few months, but politicians refuse to call this incident a hate crime and mainstream media refuse to report this incident nationally. Only available on local news.

A group of black people attacked an Asian couple for no apparent reason. Their race is not reported and the news does not make it to mainstream media. Only available in local news.

A black man stabs an Asian man for no apparent reason. Politicians refuse to call this a hate crime and mainstream news media refuse to cover this story. Only reported on local news.

Black folks target and set Asians on fire. However politicians refuse to call this a hate crime, and mainstream media refuse to cover it nationally. Only available on local news.

Group of blacks attack an Asian man while he is collecting recycled bottles. Mayor refuse to call this a hate crime. Mainstream national news did not cover this story. Only found on YouTube.

All views in this essay are entirely my own and not supported nor representative of any company or employer I may be or have may have been affiliated with. I am not a Republican nor a Democrat, but I am an American. I am not part of any political movement nor receiving any incentives for stating my opinion.




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An Asian American Perspective

An Asian American Perspective

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